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While many financial advisory firms utilize some version of dashboard technology, the speed at which these tools evolve has increased.
8220;The number one reason most businesses don't explore the full potential of their data: They fail to provide actionable insights into the data available to them,” says Feliks Golenko, founder of MultiBase and instructor at Dashboard Design Blueprint.
Essentially, a dashboard focuses on a goal or objective, and it displays the most relevant information on a digital screen.
To ensure that the right Active Dashboard reports are delivered to the right employees, Confirmit CustomerSat s new QuickPaths dynamic hierarchy-building feature automatically populates dashboards with survey data according to a company s organizational hierarchies.
Unlike software that assists someone in making a presentation, the dashboard itself is the presentation.
The dashboard is designed to help an executive make better, more efficient decisions related to risks.
For example, a dashboard could monitor the status of a factory's production line.
The new release adds a powerful set of corporate governance dashboards that provide attorneys and their corporate clients with a summary view of their entire set of corporate records from a single screen.