dashed hopes

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The burden of six weeks of dashed hopes and unrelenting uncertainty shows on the faces of fishermen and their families here in this coastal Louisiana parish.
ROLLS-ROYCE has dashed hopes for a return to growth next year after seeing customers delay or cancel orders due to worsening economic conditions.
Aircraft engine maker Rolls-Royce has dashed hopes of a return to growth next year after orders were delayed or cancelled due to worsening economic conditions.
A second major blast five days later dashed hopes any of the workers had survived, and the men's bodies have still not been recovered.
September 14 2010 - Italy dashed hopes on Monday that it would drop its veto on a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the European Union and South Korea, leaving Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to make a final decision at an EU summit on Thursday.
Kent rider Williams dashed hopes of a first woman Derby winner since 1973 by defeating his British rival Tina Fletcher in a jump-off.
Kurdish militants claimed responsibility for Tuesday's bombing, the latest of a series of attacks on the Turkish military that has dashed hopes of a quick end to Turkey's decades-long separatist conflict with the guerrillas.
After days of agonising she decided not to go, preferring dashed hopes to the threat of sickness and diarrhoea.
Last week, Home Secretary Alan Johnson dashed hopes that the Government would intervene in the case, insisting there was no evidence that extradition to the US would breach Mr McKinnon's human rights.
SUGABABES have dashed hopes of a superstar recruit to the band, saying Rihanna won't be joining the group after all.
Also in this issue, we launch a three part series on medical radioisotopes with a story by Tim Lougheed about the dashed hopes for the MAPLE nuclear reactors and the efforts of those who are trying to rekindle them.
RONNIE Wood has dashed hopes that the Rolling Stones will hit the road again this year to mark their 50 years in music.