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In the first outcry, young Piper dashed off for the fire-engines and returned in triumph at a jolting gallop perched up aloft on the Phoenix and holding on to that fabulous creature with all his might in the midst of helmets and torches.
He seemed on the point of having a cry, but after regaining his breath he muttered darkly, "I'll faint them," and dashed off.
But I would not be lachrymose: I dashed off the salt drops, and busied myself with preparing breakfast.
GARY Glitter told a court yesterday he could not have groped young fans after concerts as he always dashed off alone to clean his wig.
Itar grabbed the hessian sack she was playing with and dashed off to the climbing frame with his spoils.
London, September 4 ( ANI ): Fernando Torres dashed off to Ibiza for a short summer break with his family after the Super Cup defeat.
The pair, who live in Porth, were both medical students at the East Glamorgan Hospital and first met on the maternity ward when June asked Graham, a radiographer, to quickly hold a two-week-old baby as she dashed off on an errand.
Nearly everyone else dashed off, it was suddenly quiet, so I thought 'why not?
A FATHER-of-six escaped going to jail for drink driving when he dashed off on a family emergency.
The pair dashed off to the launch of the Gulshan's new upstairs tapas and champagne bar onAigburth Road.
What Kind Of Man sounds like it was dashed off after a night down the pub and Oxygen is the aural equivalent of a root canal filling.
It says a lot that a song like Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (A Better Day) - a joyous mishmash which would have lesser bands thinking they'd written the greatest song ever - was dashed off halfway through a great quality two-hour set.