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However, in tandem with the urgent poems where Layton plays a scholar bastard kicking dastards, or Homo erectus eager to stick his virile member into almost any feminine orifice (from age seventeen to seventy), or a late-late Romantic encountering shocking, unexpected beauty, he also crafts comic epigrams--imitations of the Latin poets Ovid and Catullus.
Our history is littered with dubious dastards, once celebrated as heroes.
But when Torhthelm says "May the blast of Heaven / light on the dastards that to death left them / to England's shame
He tortures people in his dungeon, cuts out their tongues and is an all-round dastardly dastard.
Some horses at my stable don't have to contemplate such deadly pursuits, but we just call them Flat dastards, an insult I picked up from my speech impaired owner.
Cravens, and dastards, and poltroons, we know at sight.
Unfortunately, those dastards who prepare these viruses are improving their skills as they get more and more practice.
Through anecdote and opinion, action and reaction, all reveal or are revealed as varying antiheroes and heroines - when not downright dastards.
Think ye the world would bear his sway Were dastards such as you away?
May the blast of Heaven Light on the dastards that to death left them To England's shame