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You want whipping for bringing us in here at all, with your dastardly puling tricks: and - don't look so silly, now
It was not possible for Arthur Donnithorne to do anything mean, dastardly, or cruel.
Norman of Torn made no reply, his thoughts were in wild confusion, and it was with difficulty that he hid the fierce anxiety of his heart or his rage against the perpetrators of this dastardly act which tore his whole being.
I'd PROMISED him, and I think it's sorter real dastardly to break a promise you make to a child.
I have a long series of insults to avenge,' said Nicholas, flushed with passion; 'and my indignation is aggravated by the dastardly cruelties practised on helpless infancy in this foul den.
It is due to the joint, tireless and admirable efforts of the Punjab police and the intelligence involved that the culprit who had also assaulted seven other girls on different occasions in the same city has been at last caught for his dastardly actions.
He said the government and the people of Pakistan express solidarity with the government and people of Afghanistan over this dastardly terrorist attack.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan strongly condemns the dastardly terrorist attack in Kabul on Thursday, in which many precious human lives were lost and a number of innocent were injured.
Zubair said that those behind this dastardly act are enemies of the humanity.
Zubair said those behind this dastardly act were the enemies of humanity.
With curfew in hand, petty crimes and other dastardly acts committed by errant minors in cahoots with big-time hoodlums could be curbed right away.
He said Chris Grayling and Boris Johnson were like Dastardly and Muttley from the cartoon Wacky Races.