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Established in 1992, Salland Engineering is a world leader in Test Application Support, Data Analysis, and ATE products, tools, and solutions.
AccuSoft Corporation, the global leader in imaging and data analysis solutions, announced today an enhanced version of its VisiQuest(R) software.
It combines a platform for the major data analysis applications used by proteomics researchers together with accelerated algorithms for protein identification and a built-in 1.
The integration of Matrix Science's Mascot search tool and data management product, Mascot Integra, with InforSense's workflow-based integrative analytics platform, InforSense KDE, enables life science researchers both to query comprehensive proteomic data using an intuitive visual workflow interface and also to include proteomics data analysis within broader cross-discipline research programs.
Precision provides microarray processing and data analysis services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and academic researchers who use the latest methods for discovering biomarkers in their quest for new disease therapies.

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