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Whenever some change occurs at the local site of read-write sites, the data item is updated there and passes the new value to the cluster head.
Caching of frequently accessed data items on the client side is an effective technique to reduce network traffic and query latency.
A data item is assigned to a node if that node's codebook vector is the closest to the data item.
Market / Book = the ratio of the company's market value divided by the company's book value of net assets (market value from above/Compustat data item 216);
LRU and FAR do not consider the relationship among data items and important items may be replaced by LRU.
Revision of data items and inclusion of new items to be collected on the Perinatal Data Collection form are currently under way.
Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology that can instantly detect spikes in popularity for a data item and automatically increase the number of replicas of it to level-off server loads.
Clinical trials and data items are fungible, being able to be substituted at any time and from any source in order to consume the available pre-paid volumes.
The system adds more than 12 million new data items on average, with a capacity up to 50 million, and more than 600,000 new digital images per day.