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Thus, we have to sort in hardware as many data items as possible with such throughput that is similar to the throughput of sorting networks.
where all necessary changes are shown to allow the number of data items to be changed from 8 to 16.
If si is small, CacheData should be adopted because the data item only needs a very small part of the cache; otherwise, CachePath should be adopted to save cache space.
When an unlogged data item is accessed, only a minimal access count is replaced.
Market Value = total market value in millions of dollars calculated as the year-end closing share price multiplied by the year-end number of shares outstanding (Compustat data item 24 multiplied by Compustat data item 25);
LRU and FAR do not consider the relationship among data items and important items may be replaced by LRU.
i]) is the data item on which the operation is performed.
Each data item in the read-only site is assigned to a validity interval.
To sort the collected data items for the top k data items, a scoring function such as [21] could be used to score each data item.
The best models reduce the data items within the covered subject area into obvious arrangements.
To ensure that contractors and DoD program offices "use EVM data to manage" rather than "manage the EVM data," the data item descriptions for the CPR (DI-MGMT-81466) and the IMS (DI-MGMT-81650) have been up-dated to reflect industry best practice and to enable the use of modern EVM software tools.