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Last year one of the rare dateless coins sold on eBay for pounds 7,100.
Desperate and Dateless is Britain's biggest blind date event where more than 1,000 love-hungry single men andwomen will be on the look out for lurve.
One strand will see a girl date three boys at once - all of them in masks, while another sees Desperate and Dateless viewers given a makeover by experts.
We meet Raphelson in his studio, a dateless and pleasantly cluttered courtyard with great light in Oaxaca, Mexico, designed with smooth exactitude by David Jenkins.
SHE was South Wales' answer to Bridget Jones, single and dateless with a jealous dog who chased away all her boyfriends.
Gok comes to the rescue of 53-year-old single mum from Essex who's been dateless for nearly two decades.
TORONTO, May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- It is the scenario that makes even a dateless New Year's Eve seem positively inconsequential: the wedding invitation that must be accepted despite your single status.
Wilfruna Street, Wolverhampton 01902 321 321: Chekhov's Shorts (Mar 6); The Dateless Wonder (Mar 7); The Vagina Monologues (Mar 8).
is a perfect antidote to spending a dateless and boring night alone, but don't expect the clever banter and emotional insights you get from an episode of the fictional series ``Sex and the City.
The recipe for love is quite simple: take one guy or girl, add 50 dateless hopefuls, stir it up for about 10 minutes, add plenty of madcap humour and a dash of embarrassing tasks, the grill the candidates for five minutes until they are all completely red in the face.
Poor old Lee, 23, ended up dateless and out with mum Una, his sister and her mates at brasserie Chez Jules for a bite to eat.