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DAUGHTER. An immediate female descendant. See Son.

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Nevertheless, it is perhaps telling that the author herself returns, again and again, to Morrison's Beloved, a novel that offers a complex and highly problematized account of daughterly return.
The various strategies of adoption and daughterly inheritance used to accommodate and incorporate a relatively high ratio of Pacific Islanders and other outsiders into the indigenous system may have resulted in an elevated frequency of disputes.
Though some of Blessing's formulations - about the mysteries of childbearing, or the love-hate nature of daughterly devotion - smack of cliche, his dialogue brims with unassuming wit and a lyrical introspectiveness, enhanced here by Bruno Louchoarn's ambient score.
Other poets' juvenilia may elaborate the postures of a solitary or romantically alienated self, but Clifton is already maternal, daughterly, a voice at once personal and collective, rooted and relational.
17) She enacts a romance about a single woman escaping her daughterly role, for unlike like her fairy-tale sisters trapped in palace towers, she initiates change for herself.
So I had a gold chain and feigned daughterly pleasure, while my real heart's desire was bought by Edna and Tom, my then not-remotely-yet-mum-and-dad-in-law.
I fully understand and empathise with your daughterly instincts that he's bad news but you can't force her to leave him.