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Harper, don't make hasty, ill-considered purchases just to prove that you are a decisive prime minister and not a ditherer, dawdler, and freeloader like your predecessors.
The Dawdler - Comes in late or leaves early requiring colleagues to compensate and cover.
As many as 34 per cent said getting stuck behind a dawdler sends their blood-pressure soaring.
With elements of busy city life in close proximity to the serenity of quieter parkland, the route will keep you entertained along the way, if like me, you occasionally become a dawdler rather than a strident walker.
5 seconds, no-one can accuse the 225 of being a dawdler.
0 seconds but it'll feel best when you squeeze the throttle to overtake a dawdler on a B-road or power up the on-ramp to join a motorway.
The dawdler is assertive because he or she is anonymous and able to make a clean, fast getaway, while the waiting driver would not chance a confrontation and lose the space.
Dual carriageways have largely done away with the fine art of overtaking, but Mrs Hawkins had only to see a short stretch of straight and she'd drop a gear, and the willing Vitesse, with its trademark double headlights, would roar past some footling dawdler before flicking back into top and barrelling down the road towards the sports.
Pulling over sharply, the dawdler watched slack-jawed as the boy racer zoomed off at a speed which would have keenly interested the traffic police had any been around.
But the circumstances are often brought about by the dawdler up front.
He's such a dawdler it's untrue and I want to know how I can get him to stop taking so much time with things.
But will you care about that when one is scaring passers-by from your driveway, causing dawdlers to scuttle away from your path in the outside lane or frightening children and small animals when you park outside the dry cleaners?