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If only there were fewer cyclists, people of rotund dimensions, elderly dawdlers, dreadful drivers etc etc etc getting in the way of progress.
Jess finds it impossible to share the other teens' enthusiasm for the Dawdler lifestyle and begins to suspect their enthusiasm for natural fence weaving techniques.
I niftily wove my way in and out of the throng, moving speedily and determinedly up close to admire the amazing detail of the brushwork before moving swiftly off to the next painting, overtaking the many dawdlers on the way.
BUNCH OF DAWDLERS There can't have been many slower 7f juvenile races at Lingfield than yesterday's claimer won by Le King Beau.
It seems quite possible, though, that a good part of the human river which carries incredible floods of dreamers and dawdlers .
If you wish to get in touch with your inner 10-year-old and overtake a line of dawdlers to the Quattraporte's formula 1 soundtrack, give the button a quick press and select manual.
Will the last sign guide him safely home at last--or will he become one of the dawdlers, the evaders, unconscious fighters of some cruel inner master?
Canadians chagrined over status as climate-change dawdlers.
Back stateside, a tall, muscular young man walks briskly, determinedly down the wide sidewalk, passing dawdlers and browsers, stepping around them with a crisp, "Excuse me; pardon me.
The digital divide between the most competitive and the dawdlers increased from 27.
The grass-roots group Left Lane Drivers of America is out to reclaim the left lane for true speeders and push any dawdlers to slower, right-hand lanes.
Thinking about buying prezzies doesn't begin until I've done the London gig, the annual reunion with the cluster of cadgers, shirkers, dawdlers and malingerers that constitutes my old circle of acquaintances from the halcyon days of full heads of hair, competent memories and disposable income.