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The Goodwood field included only four starters after the late defections of Gotaghostofachance and Preachinatthebar, and Roman Ruler was able to head into the stretch with a slight lead over Rock Hard Ten after dawdling fractions of 24.
The misery of spending the morning packed into crowded commuter carriage as it sits dawdling in a siding is hard to beat.
Lacking the strong metaphoric associations of bicycle-taxi drivers or New Year's dragons, or the absurdity of painting en plein eau, the evocation of national memory and historical flux becomes brittlely allegorical and the slow, underwater lyricism less hypnotic than merely dawdling.
Compared with Britain's fragmented, dawdling, underfunded rail system, which has become the despair of those who use it, French railways are a paradigm of progress, ambition and efficiency.
This dawdling has gone on too long," Satan said impatiently, stamping his cloven foot.
But Marlin Fitzwater was sneering at Gorby as "a drugstore cowboy" and Bush was dawdling over exhaustive policy reviews that always warned the Soviets might not mean it.
Spencer levelled after a howler of a clearance by Oxford skipper Ford and then set up Peacock for the winner - thanks to the dawdling Gilchrist.
In today's extremely competitive office market, there is no time for dawdling.
While the first-placed horse had already run, it was Quincel's debut and he wrecked his own chance when dawdling in the gates.
A DAWDLING and sprawling department of transport talking shop over Liverpool's ocean cruising ambitions - and which reports next Thursday (September 15) - should not be fuddled by whether historic state aid for the present stop-over berth, would amount to funding a big business expansion to a full start-finish cruise terminal.
Council chiefs are looking at creating an express lane on Edinburgh's Princes Street so busy shoppers and those in a hurry don't get stuck behind dawdling tourists.
Worth seeing next at the Olympics: faffing, dawdling and lazing around