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Added to these, ma'am, is that blindness of the intellect, of which we have a specimen in your interesting son, and which, having sometimes glimmerings and dawnings of the light, is scarcely to be trusted as a total darkness.
The hard realities of the world, with many of its worst privations-- hunger and thirst, and cold and want--had all come home to him, from the first dawnings of reason; and though the form of childhood was there, its light heart, its merry laugh, and sparkling eyes were wanting.
Renewal Acorns, and buds of all kinds, Keenness, the original mind's Ideas, curiosity, the dawnings Of understanding, help and mornings, Plumped pillows, brisk walks out of doors, Warm welcomes and tidied out drawers, Sharp pencils, new notebooks and plans, Aspiration and all the page ones, A promise, forgiveness, clean slates, Healed wounds, sleep, recovery, clean sheets, Birthdays, New Year's Days, All turning-over new-leaf days, Laughter, significant meetings, Invitations, friendly greetings, Resurgent lawn daisies and bees, Revival's conferred by all these Phenomena of the fresh start, Which bless with renewal, give heart.