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Friday is routinely the most expensive day of the week to fly.
Jacqui said the fact that mortality rates varied significantly depending on what day of the week people underwent planned operations was not only alarming, but simply unacceptable.
We further examine the mean daily returns in Table 4b in which the percentage of times the IPSA returns were positive on each day of the week are presented.
Currently, residents must put out their normal purple bins on one day of the week and their recycling bins on another.
Most people may think of Monday as the most depressing day of the week because it's generally when most of us return to work but, strangely, that accolade goes to another day later in the week.
Psychologists have found that on average people's moods remain the same on each day of the week.
The study, by employment law firm Peninsula, revealed that more overtime was put in on a Tuesday than on any other day of the week.
Thursday is the second-worst day of the week for crashes, with Sunday being the "safest" day.
According to the report, in April 2005 Monday was the most popular day of the week to surf but has now become the second most popular day to surf the web.
As you can see, by checking or unchecking the days of the week and adjusting the other options, not only can you change the First day of the week to any day, you even can customize your calendar to omit certain days and certain hours (by adjusting Start time and End time) and show week numbers of the year (under Calendar options).
The directors said that day-of-week reporting would probably be optional for papers under 25,000 circulation, unless one day of the week was 15 percent higher or lower than the other days, in which case they would then have to report all seven days.
The court held that the decision to deny Jum'ah services on the day of the week on which a qualified Imam was not available from the outside community was supported by sound penological grounds, where efforts by unqualified inmates to lead the Jum'ah had in the past led to riots.