day off

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Over six in ten non-business establishments (62 percent) are planning to give the day off with pay.
Public schools in Dubai did not receive an option to take the day off as they fall under the Ministry of Education, which announced that schools will operate like as usual.
What if the Royal Family took the day off or the week, the month, or the year off, would we notice?
If a holiday falls in the middle of the week (like this year's Fourth of July), employers must not only grant that day off but must also grant another day off, either right before or right after the holiday.
Teachers can take a day off to campaign, but they have to press three for "special school funded" for a substitute, since that funding will come from United Teachers Los Angeles.
The Staffordshire-based BDF Newlife charity is calling on employers across the region to back the appeal by agreeing to give a paid day off as a staff prize and help get Midlands kids moving by providing mobility aids, such as wheelchairs.
Obviously, you have got the Liverpudlians ringing in with sore heads but there are also a fair few Evertonians taking the day off as well to avoid the gloating from their colleagues.
You can help CLIC make a difference to the lives of these children and their families, by taking part in Win A Day Off Work.
Director Judy Marsden said: "Win a Day Off Work is great idea which motivates staff and learners while raising money for a good cause.
McDermott says the longest she's gone without a day off is thirty-five days.
Do you feel more fatigued than usual and a day off with a good night of sleep doesn't refresh you?
If your legs are exceptionally sore, take the next day off.