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57) The gallery daybooks indicate that Shaskan, whose office was in the same building as Shulman's, had introduced him to the gallery; Jewish social networks helped the gallery to sell art.
The daybook is peppered with five-shilling donations, and, as the obituary stated, "Few know how much good he did" (The Pilot 14 March 1849).
Oppen writes somewhere in his Daybooks that Robert Creeley was ultimately a mannerist, (5) which isn't true, though I understand that to a mind as absolute as Oppen's, any poem whose first surface calls attention to its construction is ultimately trivial given the reality of the derogated earth and its inhabitants.
Recorded in the left-hand columns of the daybook were the date and a posting reference that identify the customer's page in account book AB.
16) See for example Jerusalem Daybook (Wellington: Price Milburn, 1971), p.
The DayBook software package includes word processing, diary, scheduling, tasks, events, client and contact records, enquiries, quotes, fax, email, marketing responses, statistics and reporting.
If Le bebe is a kind of daybook, Darrieussecq suspects that there is also a dark side to her notebooks that she has yet to write: "L'autre livre affleure, l'envers sombre de ce livre, sur les lieux memes de nos vies.
Those sources begin with the daybook Hovius kept, which they discovered in a Mechelen archive in August, 1987.
If a war breaks out, Web editors will compile a daybook so every site will know what stories, graphics, and multimedia packages are available.
Daybook Enterprise is a single bespoke solution for a range of company requirements.
Gardening the Soul--a spiritual daybook through the seasons', published by Simon and Schuster UK, ISBN 1-903650-05-4, price 10 [pounds sterling] hardback.
Washington Daybook is a daily listing of policy and media events in Washington, DC.