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This plan seems to have fallen through, as there is no further mention of it in either the daybooks or the correspondence.
The evidence is based on archival sources: O'Brien's own correspondence and daybook, parish registers, and leases and loans conserved in notaries' repertories.
Daybooks immerse students in a variety of literature genres and contain lessons in reading comprehension, critical reading, and vocabulary development using literature selections and targeted strategy instruction, while requiring implementation of the strategies along with short written responses.
This passage from Oppen's recently published Selected Prose, Daybook and Papers is an amazing statement, both in its ethic of non-inclusion, and in the strangeness of pride he obviously feels writing it:
So perhaps in addition to the poetry, letters and daybooks, we can add exemplary scholarship to the constellation that continues to insist on the relevance of George Oppen to our current concerns.
Its existence is confirmed, however, by the posting references in the daybook and by the alphabetical index to the names in the account book that appears in the ledger.
The reader who wishes to obtain a fuller sense of the lives of these artists might turn to Lowe's earlier Modotti catalogue and to numerous well-researched books on Weston, including his own The Daybooks of Edward Weston, available in several editions.
He is exhaustive in his use of letters, diaries, daybooks, bedside notes, and reminiscences, and it would appear he left little unturned.
When I bumped into him a couple of years after the wedding when we were both at the opening of the new HMV store in London's Oxford Street, he gave me a big hug and was just as nice to me then as he was on his wedding dayBOOKS TO WINAled is published by Virgin, pounds 18.
The amount of surviving documentation of Martin's career is truly astonishing: Gura uncovered ledgers, daybooks, and journals covering much of the period from the late 1830s and then from 1850 till the end of Martin's life and beyond (these sources are listed in the appendices beginning on p.
The Splendid Drunken Twenties: Selections from the Daybooks, 1922-1930: Carl Van Vechten
When Linke died in May 1946, one of his last foremen, Jean Bieder, who acquired the business, took back to Switzerland with him an enormous collection of casts, sketches, water-colours and glass negatives, not to mention all the daybooks (registres) from about 1901.