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DOODLERS and daydreamers descended on Jesmond library yesterday to take part in an exciting picture drawing session.
In a time when children, and even house hold pets, swallow Prozac, Reiss revives a neglected diagnosis for worrywarts, wallflowers, daydreamers, pessimists, and eccentrics alike: normal.
Sunday, October 2 (two rounds, play to last four): Jenny's Jostlers v Odds & Sods, Howell's Five v Phil's Marauders, JJ's Five v Filthy Five, Dipsticks v John Die'sel B, Work's Five v Boring Boring Works, Roy's Rovers v Fife Pool Nomads, Bermuda Misfits v Daydreamers, Punch Bowl Wallies v Sunday Five.
A person who draws stars is an idealist, while those who doodle circles are daydreamers.
Most daydreamers are familiar with the euphoria that accompanies a vision.
This group of meddlers, daydreamers and the naive are, in effect, working towards the abolition of Britain in its attempts to implement their part of the creation of a 'Europe of the Regions'.
However, teachers were more likely to describe the asthmatic children as daydreamers.
WE'RE a nation of daydreamers, according to new research.
Nadeau identifies three major categories into which ADHD-afflicted girls fall: Tomboys, chatty Kathies and daydreamers.