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IT'S WELL KNOWN THAT DONALD Rossa owns and runs Dazzle Jazz Restaurant & Lounge, Denver's iconic jazz club on Ninth and Lincoln streets--known by regulars simply as "Dazzle.
The 2007 Muscle Team[R] consists of the following top athletes from the NY Giants, NY Jets, NJ Nets, NY Islanders, NY Red Bulls and NY Dazzles: Tiki Barber, NY Giants; Jay Feely, NY Giants; Brandon JAconds, NY Giants; Sam Madison, NY Giants; Jeff Feagles, NU Giants; Gibril Wilson, NY Giants; Chris Snee, NY Giants; Frank Walker, NY Giants; Justin Tuck, NY Giants; Victor Hobson, NY Jets; Shaun Ellis, NY Jets; Ben Graham, NY Jets; Richard Jefferson, NJ Nets; Trent Hunter, NY Islanders; Mike Smith, NJ joceky; Chantal Sutherland, NY jockey; Tony Meola, NY Red Bulls; Chris Henderson, NY Red Bulls; Carlos Mendez, NY red Bulls; Angela Carter, NY Dazzles.
In a nutshell: Romantic-comedy/comic-book hybrid is pretty funny, and Uma Thurman dazzles as the very angry, very crazy title character.
China now dazzles visitors with luxury skyscrapers, five-star hotels, and freeways.