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The Twitter deactivation resonates with the curious incident on November 2017, when Trump's account disappeared for a span of 11 minutes.
One area of technology receiving attention is cylinder deactivation as a means of reducing the effective cylinder displacement for light load operation.
The mode deactivation process is where the intervention takes place, in the following four areas: (1) core beliefs, (2) perception of fear being the main response (3) anticipation, and (4) avoidance of triggers (Swart & Apsche, 2014).
Cylinder deactivation is among a number of fuel efficiency solutions Ford is investigating for the 1.
UNHCR began registering Syrians as refugees at the end of 2011 in Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, and deactivation procedures began in 2012.
Chemical engineers from Europe and Brazil address both fundamental and applied aspects of the mechanisms of solid catalyst deactivation, and measures to prevent such deactivation or to reactivate the catalyst.
Two-thirds of the latest biometric deactivations were caused by contingency staff working at the border who - according to Border Force managers - had not received proper training.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, is equipping its Polo hatchback with an ACT cylinder deactivation system.
for the "electrochemical capacitive concentration and deactivation of actinide nuclear materials.
The inertness of these liners is due to a new deactivation process that passivates the liner and packing so that they are inert to a variety of reactive analytes.
will recall 13,729 units of its Explorer sport utility vehicles in Japan due to a defect in the speed control deactivation system that could catch fire, according to its report to the transport ministry Tuesday.
Cylinder deactivation is part of a tool kit that the auto industry is using to improve fuel economy and reduce to C[O.