dead end

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As Russia's Dead End recounts, the Kovalev household received the news of President John F.
What if a dead end meant taking a more productive path?
BEIRUT: Batroun MP Antoine Zahra said Wednesday the investigation into the attempted assassination of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea had practically hit a dead end.
Small-town life has never been funnier than in Jack Gantos' Dead End in Norvelt.
The road has been blocked as a temporary dead end since reconstruction of the CSX bridge began earlier this year.
Hamas Says Inter-Palestinian Reconciliation Reached Dead End
We have effectively reached a dead end, unless Iran engages fully with us.
Clamp the dead end of the rope to the three-inch piece of rope.
Our biggest challenge with a Dead End is to immediately recognize it.
I experience solitude as a living end, not a dead end.
Widespread wishful thinking notwithstanding, Froehle shows clearly how nostalgia about the good old days of our church is a dead end.