dead end

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Dead ends are inevitable in life, but they don't have to be a bad thing.
Dead Ends is a Judy Blume for boys, and none the worse for that.
The way to get rid of the dead ends comes not with an artistic but with a sincere and natural democracy.
Will, there may be no dead ends in your house but there may be a lot of packing cases sometime soon.
Godin suggests some questions to guide our way through Dead Ends and Dips.
The novel is fast paced, with enough dead ends, twists and bends to keep a mystery reader engrossed.
And when Marcus describes the recording of the song, in June 1965, with all its false starts and dead ends, we see how perilously close it came to never existing at all: "The singer is trying to find his way into his song, plinking notes on the piano.