dead heat

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At left, Johar and High Chaparral finished the race in the first dead heat ever recorded at the Breeders' Cup.
The first ever triple dead heat happened in January, 2011, and bookies said the chances of it happening again were 30 million-to-one.
Preliminary results of the race showed Tarmoh beating out Felix by one-thousandth of a second, although closer inspection resulted in a dead heat.
The retired planning official for Coventry City Council said yesterday: "Officers said they had a hat all ready to draw lots from after it was an apparent dead heat.
Mr Kerry, a senator from Massachusetts, is leading Mr Bush by two percentage points - a slight reduction on the LA Times' last poll and a statistical dead heat.
In an entertaining, pocketbook read that is excellent for getting up to speed on climate change scenarios, Dead Heat presents compelling scenarios with the latest charts and figures.
The first dead heat in Breeders' Cup history completed an amazing treble for Johar's trainer Richard Mandela, successful with Halfbridled and Action The Day.
Competition for this year's selection was "a dead heat," said Command Sgt.
Now the presidential race is a dead heat, the Democrats are favored to win the House, and they even have an outside chance of regaining control of the Senate.
Usage of specialized Internet radio sites was dramatically higher than local or distant radio sites among persons 12-24, marginally higher among persons 25-34, and in a dead heat with local and distant radio over age 34.
Mike Hudd caught a 1lb 14oz cod at Lavernock Point and Chris Garner matched it with his from by the outfall to make it a dead heat at third place.
Therefore, the only way that there could be a dead heat in this bet is if two players from the World Cup-winning team ended up on the same number of 'top' goals.