dead man

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I had time to notice that the pockets of the dead man had been emptied on the deck, and that his body and his grin had been wrapped from view in canvas, the folds of which the sailor, Johansen, was sewing together with coarse white twine, shoving the needle through with a leather contrivance fitted on the palm of his hand.
The lee rail, where the dead man lay, was buried in the sea, and as the schooner lifted and righted the water swept across the deck wetting us above our shoe-tops.
With the weapon in his hand he returned to the side of the dead man, kneeled beside the bedding, and inserted his right hand with the weapon beneath the rugs, piled a number of thicknesses of the closely woven fabric over and about the revolver with his left hand.
The papers upon the table before the dead man were simply circulars and prospectuses of no possible importance.
Without your aid," continued he, repeating the count's words "I should have been a dead man -- thrice dead.
The soldier replied, "You may punish me if you please; but I was as broad awake as I am now; and the devil carry me away, as he hath the ensign, if I did not see the dead man, as I tell you, with eyes as big and as fiery as two large flambeaux.
The sergeant picked up a card which lay beside the dead man on the floor.
Even the identification of the dead man had not yet been accomplished.
This was found between the finger and thumb of the dead man.
The captain resumed standing in contemplation before that smiling dead man, who seemed to have burnished his last thought, to give his best friend, the man he had loved next to Raoul, a gracious welcome even beyond life.
He was being looked at by a dead man who was seated with his back against a columnlike tree.
He checked his first impulse to ring the bell, and looked carefully on the table for some note or message from the dead man.