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The results of the study show no significant difference between two methods designed to minimise subcutaneous dead space in a strictly defined group of obese patients.
The implementation of the dead space device required modification in the placement of gas sampling line.
Nunn JF, Campbell EJM, Peckett BW Anatomical subdivisions of the volume of respiratory dead space and effect of position of the jaw.
Dead Space 3 for the Xbox 360 includes Kinect support.
The Dead Space 3 demo will feature the lead protagonist from the past games, Issac Clarke.
Fibrin clots can contribute to the local haemostasis, seal capillaries and lymph vessels, provide full surface adherence, eliminate dead spaces and may reduce the need for drains.
We call it 'searching for hidden assets,'" said James Samson, a partner at the real estate firm Samson, Fink & Dubow, and an expert on tapping the value of condo and co-op dead space.
Offer the building owners incentives to convert all the dead space in their upper floors to apartments and flats.
Melbourne, Jan 24 (ANI): Dead Space 2, an upcoming survival horror third-person shooter video game, is so gruesome that it even scares its creator.
A self-draining feature minimizes dead space and achieves improved hygiene and better resistance to crystallizing fluids.
After removal of the cholesteatoma sac, a huge dead space was seen on the inferior EAC (figure 1, B).
Their unique design allows for low resistance and minimizes dead space, preserving the accuracy of your spirometer.