dead stop

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And although my sister instantly boxed my ears, it was highly gratifying to me to see that the answer spoilt his joke, and brought him to a dead stop.
He came to a dead stop, a yard from our step, and, leaning up against the railings, and selecting a straw to chew, fixed us with his eye.
Little Dorrit looked up, surprised, and they confronted Maggy, who brought herself at sight of them to a dead stop.
Here he came to a dead stop, and made so long a pause that even John Willet grew impatient and asked why he did not proceed.
And just then, as I roared along like a conquering hero, the boat received a frightful smash and came instantly to a dead stop.
Then the sled lurched ahead in what appeared a rapid succession of jerks, though it never really came to a dead stop again .
The dogs suddenly came to a dead stop, and the party advancing stealthily a single pace, stopped too.
No,' said Ralph, coming to a dead stop, and clasping his hands more tightly behind him.
It came careening down and pulled to a dead stop in front of another vehicle.
Creative block can be causing a hitch in your step or have you at a dead stop.
Andrew Lincoln as Rick in The Walking Dead STOP CLOWNING AROUND The property at 29 Neibolt Street, Derry, Maine is a spacious 5,000 sq ft.
It seems that the council will not be satisfied until all roads in this region are deliberately choked to a dead stop.