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I would have liked to be fit when getting on the plane and don't want to be a dead weight,' said Thomas.
Choreography of file highest order could offset such artistic dead weight, bill this great while elephant tethered to ABT's repertoire offered nothing of the kind.
An action-packed storyline that gallops to a thrilling, if predictable, end, Dead Weight has been well worth the wait.
Ali sensors are dead weight calibrated with standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Companies looking to dump their dead weight in exchange for some rippers should give these dudes a call.
com sniffed at the dead weight of their competitors' 'legacy publications'--that is, those printed on paper.
The other question is whether the civilian Chilean government will finally move ahead with much-needed reform as the dead weight of Pinochet's legacy is finally being lifted.
Then in a mid-life crisis of sorts, the company Hefner inherited from Dad was coping with a drastic decline in the circulation of its flagship monthly as well as the dead weight of cash-hemorrhaging casinos and night clubs, where the rabbit-ear clad Bunnies seemed to outnumber paying patrons.
Nineties women want a real challenge - a road race with a dead weight of coal on their backs
Add to these the dead weight of a top-heavy bureaucracy, too orientated towards procedure and power rather than results (one of the worst legacies of the British Raj) and one can understand the frustration of eager businessmen.
Silence was the appropriate response to the dead weight of prescription pried on medieval women: how to walk, how to think, how to be a good wife, how to serve God, how to eat and drink, how to dress.
But in a moral vacuum, the Democrats deserve to drop of their own dead weight.