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Viets turned her satiric observations to fiction, churning out the Dead-End Job series as well as a number of short stories.
Fences are constructed at the ends of the dead-end canals, and Christmas trees are laid on top of each other to fill the canals.
into a dead-end classroom where she learned nothing.
This is the rule that says that if you go down a dead-end street and don't see the sign that says it's a dead end, you will soon learn by personal experience that the road is a dead end.
They are either in low-paid dead-end jobs - or aimlessly roaming the streets unable to claim any benefit and sponging off parents.
Drew Carey (portrayed by comedian Drew Carey) is a lovable underachiever and perpetual "nice guy" who's been stuck at his dead-end job as assistant director of personnel at Cleveland's Winfred-Louder department store for 10 years.
Pumped for Murder: A Dead-End Job Mystery offers the tenth installment in a popular series packing in mystery with humor.
The panel shunned city traffic engineers' recommendations in favor of residents' pleas to keep a dead-end street as is.
A former teen hustler himself, JT LeRoy was once just like the dead-end kids he writes about.
The latter w as a miniature plantation of hundreds of tree-shaped Forest Fresh air fresheners, located in a small room off a short dead-end corridor.
has been injection molding a new type of dead-end composite insulator with an overmolding of Dytron XL TPE from Applied Elastomer Systems, L.
If you are stuck in a dead-end job or have fallen victim to downsizing, rightsizing or outsourcing, Cheryl D.