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Of course, it's nice if yours is declared the winner but it's horrible if it's not and, when there's barely a pixel in it, most punters, and probably most owners, trainers and jockeys, too, would happily settle for a dead-heat.
You would think in this day and age, with modern technology that a dead-heat could be consigned to the history books.
The last dead-heat for first place in a British Classic came in the 1884 Derby when the judge could not separate St Gatien and Harvester.
Andrew Mascarenhas, then RM at Stainforth (now Doncaster), said: "In one sense it's a feather in our caps to get a triple dead-heat, but I suppose it's also a bit of cheat when it's because of fighting
Nick Littmoden, trainer of Kindlelight Blue, was not present at Lingfield, but said, yesterday, he had watched on television and was more than happy with a dead-heat.
High Chaparral (right) dead-heats with Johar in 2003
Without a dead-heat, the Chart forecast would have paid pounds 2.
One of the commonly mistaken theories is that when your selection dead-heats, your stake is on at half the price.
But if he wasn't certain that whatever decision he reached could be justified to the public when the print was displayed, he would simply declare a dead-heat.
Ron Calman's recent theories on dead-heat settling prompted several replies, here is the most scientific
LADBROKES were overjoyed with the response to their dead-heat threeball
There have been three quadruple and many triple dead-heats in Britain, all of them before the introduction of the photo-finish camera.