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old/ancient/spent/recurring), by its moderate use of aspect (recurring, repeating) and reciprocals (repeating itself), by its moderate use of derivational morphology (invention, deadliness, divisions, etc.
Navy only when the word picture of littoral deadliness painted by Admiral Ya'ari has been grasped.
Yet despite Faulkner's eagerness to capture "modernity's capacity to surprise, delight, liberate, and lift," he also emphasizes the destructive capacity of technology by focusing on the "misery that comes directly from the new deadliness of the machine age" (65-66).
Martin pays attention to soldiers, the utter tedium and absolute deadliness of war, tattooed psalms, "IED, RPG, / small arms, / car bomb-- / things to be avoided.
Storytelling, as Stirling points out, is at the core of the work in all its forms, as a series of characters tell each other stories for various reasons and with various motivations, some benign but many dangerous to the point of deadliness.
The June 16 editorial, "Black Death still lingers," listed a cooling climate as a contributing factor for the plague's deadliness.
It's the deadliness, the death, the degradation that really concerns me," he says.
The archbishop's speech is yet another iteration of our church's rejection of nuclear war and nuclear weaponry, a singular recognition that the scope and deadliness of nuclear warfare makes it impossible to accept--or even comprehend.
It ended only because Israeli counterterrorism tactics reduced the number and deadliness of attacks and the terrorist infrastructure in general, as well as destroying or containing Palestinian capabilities, if not their desire.
The potential deadliness of points of order increases as the end of the session approaches and lawmakers face deadlines for getting their bills through the process.