deadly weapons

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They confronted the soldiers, not wholly without arms, and ready to convert the very stones of the street into deadly weapons.
The word being given to surround the house, some climbed the gates, or dropped into the shallow trench and scaled the garden wall, while others pulled down the solid iron fence, and while they made a breach to enter by, made deadly weapons of the bars.
The fact was too evident to be denied, and after pausing a moment, that the audience might digest his premises, Richard proceeded: “It seems proper that I should decide this question, as I am bound to preserve the peace of the county; and men with deadly weapons in their hands should not be heedlessly left to contention and their own malignant passions.
It was evident the celestial was no stranger to the use of his deadly weapon, nor to the moments of extreme and sudden peril which demanded its use, for he seemed no more perturbed than had he been but hanging out his weekly wash.
The skull, shattered by some deadly weapon, left the brain exposed, which was much injured.
Close at the heels of the horses came two-score archers bearded and burly, their round targets on their backs and their long yellow bows, the most deadly weapon that the wit of man had yet devised, thrusting forth from behind their shoulders.
A woman's tongue is a deadly weapon and the most difficult thing in the world to keep in order, and things slip off it with a facility nothing short of appalling at the very moment when it ought to be most quiet.
He took up the deadly weapon again, his lips parted and his eyes fixed on the clock, and then shuddered at the click of the trigger as he cocked the pistol.
The Philippine National Police said it has apprehended 3,410 individuals since the Commission on Elections started implementing the ban on firearms, ammunition and deadly weapons last January 10.
And, quite frankly, there is no excuse why anyone in the UAE would want to arm themselves with such deadly weapons.
NEWS that easily converted deactivated machine guns are on sale in Birmingham comes just two days after a man who headed a gang who converted blank-firing guns into deadly weapons was jailed for 30 years.