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Deadweight loss is still a puzzle for us as well as for economists.
First, deadweight losses caused by inefficiencies in tax collection will occur even with lump-sum transfers.
In reality, it is impossible to fully eliminate deadweight effect.
In a stationary, regulated environment, deadweight testers may serve as a highly accurate, primary standard for calibrating other pressure measurement devices.
We first discuss the case of non-homogeneous consumers with a rectangularly (uniformly) distributed linear demand curve for which we derive the basic results of tax revenues, consumer surplus, and deadweight loss.
Taxes, Organization Form and the Deadweight Loss of the Corporate Income Tax, Journal of Public Economics, Vol.
Regardless of where the locus of monopoly might be housed, economists have been unanimous in their depiction of copyright as providing a monopoly deadweight loss on the consumption side of this market.
Here are the oil tanker categories arranged in order from smallest to largest carrying capacity by deadweight tonnage: Panamax.
He understands the importance and social undesirability of deadweight loss from tax planning.
I hope to provoke a broader discussion about the absence of deadweight loss considerations from antitrust damages analysis.
Key words: calibration; deadweight force standard; expanded uncertainty; force; gravity; mass; transfer standard; metrology; uncertainty.