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Pakistan's High Commissioner in India is feting separatists, Pakistani Army is intruding into Indian territory, the ISI and its instrumentalities are attacking our consulate in Herat, and this government is deafening in its silence.
He further questioned the deafening silence of the government on transgressions by both Pakistan and China, and said that it needs to answer these questions.
Lot: hand grenades reduced to produce a lethal effect deafening sound effect on traumatic people located near the operating point, especially in confined areas.
Even the bishops have engaged in a deafening silence.
Summary: The deafening screams in Leicester Square are usually down to Robert Pattinson, but on Thursday night it was all for Leonardo DiCaprio.
Excess winter deaths of older people have remained stubbornly high in recent years, but last winter's huge spike sounds a deafening wake-up call about the older population's wellbeing if we have another cold snap.
LIVERPOOL FC'S Far East tour came to a deafening crescendo yesterday with a 5-0 win in Singapore.
There has been a deafening silence from the Tories when almost everybody else in the country, including Labour, are calling for City excesses to be reigned in.
A radically redesigned passenger jet could alleviate a major complaint of people who live near major airports -- the deafening sound of planes taking off and landing.
Atlanta's Zoroaster delivers the goods in terms of amp worshiping and deafening disruption.
Not in an explicit way, but through the kids' actions that spoke in deafening volumes as opposed to mere words from famous mouths.
Les Gunn, who lives about four miles away from the plant said he was woken by an absolutely deafening sound.