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However, the PSE and the SEC seem to be deafeningly silent on this important matter, which directly involves PSE Director Yosi Tanco, the senator said in a statement.
We're at a weaving workshop in Tan Chau in the southwest of the country, where in sweltering heat and a humidity that leaves you soaked in seconds, men work calmly at 150-year-old looms that clatter deafeningly around us.
He is volcanically cheerful, amazingly articulate and deafeningly heard.
The State Department's web page is deafeningly silent.
A deafeningly loud sob from a million males across the North East?
As a fusillade of gunshots echoed deafeningly off the massive gothic revival walls, Members of Parliament barricaded wooden doors with heavy furniture, fashioned rudimentary weapons from flagpoles, and hoped for the best.
Instead, "kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi" plays deafeningly from speakers during attacks, followed by "Yes, kabaddi?
And while the elites' offspring come riding on their fancy cars for a short while, ogling and deafeningly honking on the horns all the time to make a big show of their parents' fabulous wealth and riches, these downtrodden and the poor enjoy with their children every minute of the outing.
That buzz got deafeningly loud in indie music fans' circles; the band's first album became a hit; and critics sat up and took notice.
The home crowd remained almost deafeningly loud, however, and the decibel level rose again as Hernan Perez cut in from the left flank and fired a powerful drive which a relieved David de Gea watched hit the side-netting.
The new, resurgent India that rose in a tsunami of protest over the gruesome Delhi rape last December, and more recently in response to the Tejpal and Ganguly episodes, has been deafeningly silent on 'Nirbhayas' of Muzaffarnagar.
A time when alarm bells should be firmly and instantly silenced--not allowed to clang deafeningly, insistently and unstoppably for endless minutes.