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I could not say why "Harold the Dauntless" most took my fancy; the fine, strongly flowing rhythm of the verse had a good deal to do with it, I believe.
His idea was to practise at the Bar (he chose the Chancery side as less brutal), and get a seat for some pleasant constituency as soon as the various promises made him were carried out; meanwhile he went a great deal to the opera, and made acquaintance with a small number of charming people who admired the things that he admired.
I know you have had a great deal to bear, and have done a great deal.
When you wrote to me two months ago that you had heard that Dounia had a great deal to put up with in the Svidrigrailovs' house, when you wrote that and asked me to tell you all about it--what could I write in answer to you?
The gruel came and supplied a great deal to be saidmuch praise and many comments undoubting decision of its wholesomeness for every constitution, and pretty severe Philippics upon the many houses where it was never met with tolerable;but, unfortunately, among the failures which the daughter had to instance, the most recent, and therefore most prominent, was in her own cook at South End, a young woman hired for the time, who never had been able to understand what she meant by a basin of nice smooth gruel, thin, but not too thin.
Another year or two may do much towards it," he gravely replied; "but however there is still a great deal to be done.
ConocoPhillips's deal to acquire Burlington Resources Inc for approximately US$34.
Topping the list of biggest US transactions in 2Q04 was Wachovia Corp's deal to buy Birmingham-based bank SouthTrust Corp.
Paul Cos Inc deal to acquire Travelers Property Casualty Corp for $16.
Senior management must anticipate investor demands long before announcing a deal to the market.