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DEAN, eccl. law. An ecclesiastical officer, who derives his name from the fact that he presides over ten canons, or, prebondaries, at least. There are several kinds of deans, namely: 1. Deans of chapters. 2. Deans of peculiars. 3. Rural deans. 4. Deans in the colleges. 5. Honorary deans. 6. Deans of provinces.

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But he brings to this deanship something more, something just as important: the Stern School is poised to be recognized as one of the truly top business schools in the country, and the character and self-confident leadership he possesses is precisely what the school needs now to achieve that.
Huda Al-Khaja, said the Deanship of Higher Studies is readying to organise the Induction Day for the newly admitted students in the higher studies programme on September 13.
Youth Committee chairman Wael Anwar Shehab praised the efforts of the Students Deanship and Arts College in organising the tournament for the first time.
His deanship also extended to the University's renowned Biological Sciences Division.
He inherited a faculty that took pride in (and stubbornly guarded) its prerogative to govern the school, and Jim's deanship brought the model of faculty governance to its apotheosis.
Another opportunity to bring in new voices arose near the end of Abe's deanship.
A sermon preached on the occasion of his retirement from the Deanship of the ACTS Doctor of Ministry in Preaching program
The lecture was organized by the Department of Guidance in the UoB's Deanship of Students Affairs as part of the monthly series of social guidance lectures aimed to enhance student personality development and skills of teamwork.
Contractor Abdullah AM Al Khodari has gained a contract from the Ministry of Education to work on the second phase of a project to build a new Deanship building at Taibah University.
Campbell replaces Interim Dean Scott Howe, professor of criminal law, who filled the position left by John Eastman in January 2010 when Eastman resigned his deanship to enter the race for California Attorney General.
The former head of Bahrain University's economic research unit and deanship of scientific research revealed the bloc wants to change Bahrain's fiscal year from January-December to April-March, bringing it in line with Kuwait and Qatar, and make the national budget an annual exercise instead of doing it every two years.
The forum was organized by the PSUT Deanship of Student Affairs.