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My dear sir, I'm quite certain you cannot be ignorant of the extent of confidence which must be placed in professional men.
This so far surprised him, as to induce him gently to repeat, 'a proposal of marriage, my dear.
I will come very punctually, my dear Ribby," wrote Duchess; and then at the end she added--"I hope it isn't mouse?
But her mother was a fine corrective at the other end of the table; to whom her father, in the innocence of his good-fellowship, at intervals appealed with: 'My dear, I am afraid you are not enjoying yourself?
My dear Percerin," said D'Artagnan, "you will make a dress for the baron.
Ten minutes ago I had no thought of leaving this dear spot.
I ought to have thought of that myself, but it escaped me, I confess--so far superior are your sex to ours, dear madam, in point of penetration and sagacity.
My poor dear Isabella," said he, fondly taking her hand, and interrupting, for a few moments, her busy labours for some one of her five children"How long it is, how terribly long since you were here
You are unhappy, my dear sir," the stranger continued.
Grewgious carried his smoothing hand down over his eyes and nose, and even chin, before drawing his chair a little nearer, and speaking a little more confidentially: 'I now touch, my dear, upon the point that is the direct cause of my troubling you with the present visit.
What I am going to say, my dear, is, that notwithstanding our property, we labour, socially speaking, under disadvantages.
snarling and looking unconsciously for the cushion), "but I need attention, my dear friend.