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6, Shea said Dear had been dismissed from the order as of Dec.
there's none so dear as thou, old shaggy South Side Hill,
But detectives on Thursday learned that Dear - whose hair is dyed pink - matched the description of the rosy-haired bandit who had robbed a bank on Wednesday morning in Sacramento.
Dear Gordon I lost my husband six years ago and thought I would never be able to live my life again.
Treasured memories of my dear brother Tommy, always remembered, never forgotten.
Dear Sir I am about to host a new TV series called Face The People, in which leading figures in their field talk openly to an audience given free rein to ask whatever questions they like, for an hour (obviously, as I am the most interesting person on the programme, I will be doing most of the talking).
Dear Tree Doctor: My evergreen trees are starting to turn brown.
Dear Worried Granddaughter, Instead of worrying about your grandmother, do something sweet for her--call her, write to her, bake her some cookies.
He makes statements that are sometimes personal, such as Dear Heather, The Letters, and To A Teacher and sometimes also witty, as on Because Of, where he forthrightly notes "Because of a few songs wherein I spoke of their mysteries / Women have been exceptionally kind to my old age.
Meet Feni (Alfeni, "dear one" in Swahili) who has suffered the loss of her dear grandmother, her mother's alcoholism and her parents' divorce in her 12-year-old life.
Meyer's roommate, Shauna Givens, called apartment security and 911, hoping that someone could oblige Dear to leave.