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But I want you, as a final item of man-talk, to remember, from time to time, that I love you, and that it will be the dearest day of my life when you consent to marry me.
Save on your account, my dearest Aylmer," observed his wife, "I might wish to put off this birthmark of mortality by relinquishing mortality itself in preference to any other mode.
But, my dearest Jane, you cannot seriously imagine that because Miss Bingley tells you her brother greatly admires Miss Darcy, he is in the smallest degree less sensible of YOUR merit than when he took leave of you on Tuesday, or that it will be in her power to persuade him that, instead of being in love with you, he is very much in love with her friend.
25 with a low-key gathering at home, with the people dearest to her.
Dearest grandmother of Justin (Brenda) Pathmann, Kira (Anthony) DeNovo, Derrek and Brett (Amie) Pathmann.
The Lovers, Nearest and Dearest and The Cuckoo Waltz are all some of Granada TV's most wellknown and fondly remembered programmes.
Dearest Wellness Ltd, a member firm of the Corporate Health & Wellness Association in the US, is the first established professional 'corporate wellbeing service provider' in the Cyprus market.
Dearly loved husband of the late Dorothy, dearest Dad of John, Robert, Debra and Beverley, dear father in law of Avril, Michelle and Darren and much loved Granda of Kristoffer and Demi, Stevie and Summer, Danny and Aimee and Abbi and Lois.
Although the Light Blues' top-of-the-range brief is more expensive than the likes of Hull (PS612) and Swansea (PS489) it is dwarved by Arsenal (PS2013) whose season ticket is the dearest in the EPL.
Synopsis: "The Tudor Brandons: Mary And Charles--Henry VIII's Nearest & Dearest" by Sarah-Beth Watkins is an inherently fascinating study of the life and times of Mary Tudor and Charles Brandon, Henry VIII's dearest sister and his closest companion.
Ken, passed away suddenly at home on 15th March, aged 74 years, dearest husband of Anne, devoted father of Marie and Stephen, adored grandad of Archie and Ava, loving brother of Ann, Phillip and the late Joseph.
I'm not lonely but the fact is I'm Terry no-mates now because I've lost so many of my dearest friends over the last seven years.