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Mayo women have the highest death rate at 820 per 100,000, followed by Limerick, where 746 women per 100,000 died in 2012.
People who quit smoking did not have a higher death rate than people who never smoked.
In 2013, non-Hispanic whites aged 18-44 years had the highest heroin poisoning death rate among measured racial/ethnic groups at 7/100,000.
Cancer Research UK data shows a 22 per cent drop in death rates between 1990 and 2011.
Follow-up research known as jackknife validity analysis indicated the model should generalize into the future: predictions of higher annual crude death rates are expected to be 75% accurate—consistent with accuracy achieved prior to 1998, and the model is expected to capture 52% of attainable improvement above chance.
However, the death rate for other cancers such as those of the liver and mouth will increase over the next two decades.
The Office for National Statistics data shows the area has a death rate of 1,499 deaths per 100,000 people - the highest in England and Wales.
Hospitals with the fewest senior doctors on duty have the highest death rates, reflecting prior concerns about a lack of consultant cover.
4, which is a 98% decline in the weather-related death rate since the 1920s.
According to background information in the article, the majority of studies of eating disorder-related death rates focus on AN.
The next region was the South East where the death rate was 74.
There is no way to tell from death certificates, however, that warming decreases the death rate during the winter.