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Less often noticed, he suggests, is the historical deathblow dealt to 'Bernsteinian social democracy' (p.
The conclusion of the war effectively heralded the end of over 130 years of French presence in Algeria and dealt the deathblow to the once mighty French Empire.
When the Israelis attempted to deal the deathblow to Hizuallah in the summer of 2006, the Shiite resistance handed them a humiliating defeat.
The scientists say there is now persuasive evidence that mass extinctions in past Earth history, like the "Great Dying" of 251 million years ago and another wipeout 55 million years ago, were accompanied by ocean acidification, which may have delivered the deathblow to many species that were unable to cope with it.
The expected increase in the cost of doing business, after these steps, will be the final deathblow for the entire economy.
Maybe it even deserves the deathblow struck by the election of Scott Brown to fill Edward Kennedy's former seat in the Senate.
Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, one could argue, does something similar; but the end of the play gives the tragic deathblow to Romance by entombing, permanently, its dead lovers.
The No Child Left Behind Act marked a final deathblow that eviscerated significant federal guidelines regarding formal bilingual education policies.
These types of cooperationC*are a deathblow to health competition andC*are considered to be some of the more serious violations of the Law," the statement said.
As one of the rebels raised his spear for the deathblow, he stiffened and fell to one side.
It features only St George, his comically timid horse, and the dragon, who seems temporarily knocked out rather than killed, after which St George has a beer, as the message comes up: 'Your screen has been saved: Most earlier Australian designs of the St George and Dragon were of the statuary, emblem or medallion type, featuring the knight and beast fused in one combat image, as in Boag's original label, based on Benedetto Pistrucci's design used on the English sovereign since 1816; the dragon is shown receiving its deathblow.