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The Urn, prized for its aesthetic attributes of permanence and deathlessness, gives oblique testimony here to an event for which there are no more witnesses.
Hence, politics was precisely a means to escape from the equality before death into a distinction which would assure some measure of deathlessness.
He wants to keep the ideal of deathlessness alive while trashing its obvious instantiations, in order to show the appeal of subtler ways in which the life of an individual could extend beyond a human time span.
Rather, the deepest contingency in the evocation of nothingness may be the absence of meaning itself - the possibility not of a merely ambiguous or floating meaning (a la literary deconstruction, for example), but of what Reinhardt himself thought of as the ends of art: the "breathlessness, lifelessness, deathlessness, contentlessness, formlessness, spacelessness and timelessness.
Not only will agelessness and deathlessness not rob life of its meaning, I believe the contrary is true.
The last line of the poem is ambivalent; it communicates both the irrevocability, finality, and cruelty of death and the Christian belief of the deathlessness of the soul:
These involve, respectively, mindful awareness of the body, mind, and illusions including separateness, and meditative practice to transcend this world and discover oneness and deathlessness.
Descrying a lack of scholarly focus on this remark and the themes it invokes, The Broken Scythe presents itself as both a remedy and an invitation, analyzing some of the many, many roles played by death, fatality, deathlessness, and other issues of mortality in Tolkien's various writings.
That is, on the one hand even as immortality and deathlessness, or, on the other hand, evading constantly the express-explicit thought of dying.
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The consumption that never comes, the deathlessness that leaves consuming incomplete and its satisfaction ultimately unsatisfactory, situates vampires in the realm of commodities and as defining figures of the consumer.
I am afraid to own a Body-- I am afraid to own a Soul-- Profound-precarious Property-- Possession, not optional-- Double Estate--entailed at pleasure Upon an unsuspecting Heir-- Duke in a moment of Deathlessness And God, for a Frontier.