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He has slipped off the hook for the debacle over kit shortages and talked his way out of the alleged involvement of British troops in the abuse of Iraqi prisoners.
The Betamax debacle in the 80s would have finished most companies forever.
To many longtime critics of the accounting industry, the Enron debacle is a sad reminder that audits are capable of hiding weaknesses and propping up companies over long periods -- sometimes with devastating results for employees, shareholders, bondholders, suppliers and other constituencies.
Norins says: "I would nominate `Dermabond' skin adhesive (Ethicon/J & J) as `poster child' for such debacles.
Examples include major debacles such as product recalls or fraudulent securities trading, major shifts in markets that management missed or saw too late, and increasingly complex environmental or business changes not recognized by management.
5 and Basel III against the backdrop of the Euro crisis, and a revised and expanded discussion of the AIG debacle.
Iteam's shameful debacle at the World Cup, Hockey India (HI) has fallen back on an age- old and hugely successful method to once again steer clear of owning up to their responsibility of failures.