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The settlement agreement provides for reduced periods of debarment to reflect the companies extensive cooperation with the World Banks investigation, including conducting an internal investigation and sharing the results with the World Bank, and making enhancements to their integrity compliance program since the occurrence of the conduct several years ago.
The debarments are part of two Negotiated Resolution Agreements ('settlement agreements') under which the company and Mr Butt acknowledge responsibility for the underlying sanctionable practices and agree to meet the specified corporate compliance conditions for release from debarment.
Based on the agreement, cross debarments will include only those that have sanctions in excess of one year.
According to the World Bank, the debarment on CCC, CRBC and CHEC could be reduced to three years, if after 'five years of the date of ineligibility, CCCC has put in place an effective corporate compliance program acceptable to the World Bank and has implemented this program in a manner satisfactory to the World Bank.
In the past month, the issue of debarment has been travelling back and forth between committee hearings and the full council.
These agencies had staff dedicated to the suspension and debarment program, detailed implementing guidance, and practices that encourage an active referral process.
Mann entire e-mail consisted of fluff and talking points, with only two pieces of actual information, which was that Task Force 2010's investigations led to the proposed debarment of the "Watan Group" and led to the actual debarment of "Aey, Inc.
Nature has now obtained documents from a source at ONR that relate to the debarment.
The bill would mandate the suspension and/or debarment of contractors deemed repeated violators or poor performers.
It also requires a timely disclosure of accurate and complete information by bidders with respect to determinations of non-responsibility and debarment.