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The debarments of CISG and ConvaTec Malaysia qualify for cross-debarment by other multilateral development banks (MDBs) under the Agreement for Mutual Enforcement of Debarment Decisions that was signed on April 9, 2010.
ISLAMABAD -- The World Bank has announced on Friday the debarment of Pak-Elektron Ltd (PEL), its affiliates PEL Marketing (Pvt) Ltd and Kohinoor Power Company Ltd, and its former general manager for 33 months.
Public debarment, which carries with it both financial and reputational risks, is considered a major deterrent to wrongdoing.
Recommendation: As part of ongoing efforts to establish a departmentwide program for suspensions and debarments, the Secretary of Homeland Security should take steps to ensure that the Federal Emergency Management Agency incorporates the characteristics we identified as common among agencies with more active programs.
The TF-2010 relationship in support of CENTCOM Contracting Command has allowed for the proposed debarment and suspension of more than 20 companies, both U.
Large contractors enjoy an unfair advantage over smaller contractors in navigating the federal government's suspension and debarment system.
The rise in the number of suspensions and debarments may be more public relations than substance, however, reflecting a sensitivity to taxpayers' increasing resistance to spiraling defense bills and revelations of defense contractor fraud.
The challenge is shifting from a focus on the numbers of suspensions and debarments as the prevailing metric of success, and focusing instead on promoting the larger objective of contractor responsibility.
For fiscal years 2006 through 2010, about 4,600 cases--about 16 percent of all cases in EPLS--involved suspension and debarment actions taken at the discretion of agencies against firms and individuals based on any of the numerous causes specified in either the FAR or NCR, such as fraud, theft, or bribery or history of failure to perform on government contracts or transactions.
In addition to federal suspensions and debarments and related administrative agreements, it would include contract terminations for default by the contractor, and final determinations that a prospective contractor is not a responsible source.