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But Reed tries to have it both ways, and his unwillingness to confront the money changers in the temple - those who would debase spiritual values with material ones - is hard to take.
No one of sound mind, with a decent career, a wife and children, would debase themselves in the way he has unless there was something wrong.
I wouldn't necessarily object to a totally new British flag, but my fear is that unless we had some sort of fully functional federal Britain giving equal powers to the constituent nations and the English regions the London-based English establishment and its Celtic lackeys would soon debase it through dodgy military ventures for the vain glory of greater England.
The proposed building would debase, disfigure and destroy the character of a wonderful and world-renowned waterfront.
Philip the Fair, king of France, was the first-known French king to debase money.
Under these circumstances, I wish to ask these men who want to debase silver: Would their decree apply only to mints, or would it extend also to the workshops of the silversmiths?
And there isn't anything that television cannot debase.
It would be an outrage if the good followers of Mohammed were made to suffer for the evil deeds of those who debase their faith.
Conscious of these ploys, our people did not debase the quality of their gold at that time; they just increased its price.
And, finally, who will debase themselves in front of millions of viewers to win the heart of a relative stranger?
I'm appalled when talented actors debase themselves," he said, using Cage's Snake Eyes as an example.
Once they were able to debase the gold dollar and replace it with "paper" they also created the Washington museum scene with modern art bought from the Communists - a paper replacement for the "golden" art of our America.