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English is a very rich and beautiful language, and I believe that it is about time we stopped debasing our language and God's gift, and our modern society started to use good language - and not bad.
The present incumbent has only succeeded in debasing the office, treating it as just another sideline without lending it any of the concern or consideration required of the holder of the position.
Commenting on the freedom to innovate in one of his prologues, the ancient poet, Plautus seems to suggest the Roman view of debasing money when he says:
The book reveals a seminary underworld where sexual harassment and homosexual promiscuity are commonplace, and where the chaste seminarian is marginalized and submitted to intrusive and debasing psychological evaluations.
To her credit, Aniston projects Justine's increasing, debasing discomfort with a disciplined deal of ``well, what did I expect?
The Chinese have rightly been accused of debasing Tibetan culture.
As news of these consequences seep out, cynicism spreads, debasing political discourse and diminishing respect for fundamental institutions and principles.
Other situational issues Lowe bypasses are the fact that Joan of Arc had a higher and more durable charisma quotient than Henry V and the fact that French kings found alternative ways to finance the war - sales taxes, debasing the coinage - and were less dependent than the English on tax levies passed by national legislatures.
Simon, whose first book, Homicide, chronicled a year in the life of Baltimore detectives (and led to the TV series of the same name), and Burns, a former Baltimore police detective himself, describe the debasing effect all this has had on police work.
Those who do commit adultery are literally debasing or debauching their marriage and their family life.
The first Catholic kings did not ordain this, but they determined by law how much silver was to be mixed with copper, lest the debasing of that money proceed further by an ever greater amount of copper.