debatable issue

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While there may well be numerous readers who question Peirce's arguments and conclusions, everyone ought to recognize the value of his treating the income tax as a debatable issue.
Which of the two main parties would better manage the economy will always be a complex and debatable issue.
It is a debatable issue ( whether BLA Power is related to prior allottee BLA Industries of a coal block).
Given this view point, the decision of the drugstore giants and others to block the use of Apple Pay remains a debatable issue.
Dancing is a part of the Egyptian heritage, but the quality of what films present is the debatable issue, he said.
MQM chief said it is a debatable issue whether GEO did things intentionally or unintentionally.
Sex addiction is a debatable issue and is not included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IVTR).
A more debatable issue is whether Li can maintain the improvements which have brought her best sequence of success at an age when many players start to decline.
Gun ownership in the United States has been a debatable issue for more than 200 years.
However, the rise of factionalized elite is a debatable issue.
Transporting tar sands oil from Canada to refineries on the Gulf Coast is a contentious and debatable issue, but one thing isn't up for argument: that the transport of the sticky crude over thousands of miles will lead to spills and damages to property and the environment regardless of efforts to prevent them.
The MP expected that the subcommittee would be formed today (Thursday) at the parliament since agreement has been reached on the names which should not be a debatable issue.