debatable point

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However, ratings remain high, attendance remains high and revenues remain high, so just how much Werner and his panel will change things is a debatable point.
This is a debatable point, but it happens to be circulating freely among Lebanon's non-Sunni communities.
However, the fact he has not played competitive tennis for five months can become a debatable point.
Walter's fiscal policy of spending big to restore Rangers might run contrary to a straight-faced accountant's idea of good husbandry, and it was the only debatable point in his State of the Union message on Tuesday.
That is a debatable point as the Gujarat riots took place while he was at the helm of affairs.
That is not a debatable point among economists and bankers.
Whether the great Welsh public feels any better informed today as a result is a debatable point.
That Webster should be placed among the ranks of America's notable founders is a debatable point, but Webster's obsession with the written word and participation in American politics is a story well worth telling.
It's a debatable point which was cause and which effect, but the Sky Blue Army certainly have their work cut out this weekend if we're going to get the chance to dust off one of our recurring headlines and declare that the Ricoh is officially rocking
First of all, it is a hugely debatable point whether the RFU have a moral right to hand any of their member clubs' money to other, already better-resourced outfits.
Whether Ferguson would have been afforded three-and-a-half years to get it right these days, in an era where demands for Arsene Wenger's dismissal can be aired despite his track record at Arsenal, is a debatable point.