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A debater's in-round performance provides a judge with the best indication of how a vote for the debater will affect the judge's reputation.
Many politicians commented on how the young debaters formulated their cases within the time allotted and without engaging in personal attacks.
Both candidates are proven debaters, but have weaknesses that can be exploited, analysts said.
City public schools, where he had once been a star debater at the elite Stuyvesant High School.
A good debater always takes into account her opponent's argument, yet still proves she is right.
But for the rest of us such an exchange would have been a loss, for someone has to undertake major public buildings of this kind, and it is hard to think of a more appropriate architect than this doughty debater of architectural issues and Professor Emeritus at Cambridge.
Showalter is a ferocious debater who likes to take extreme positions.
Even as a student debater Malcolm MacDonald saw more wisely than the Foreign Office in Fiji, where he agreed with the Chiefs' desire that Indian immigration be stopped lest this alien people outbreed Fijians and take over their country in the name of democracy: something they almost did.
19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Nile Seguin, one of Canada's elite comedians known for his disarming performances at the Just for Laughs, Winnipeg and Halifax comedy festivals, will perform as a featured debater on an upcoming episode of "The Debaters" on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio.
Arwa Elsanosi Mohamed, the president of the Georgetown Debate Club and a seasoned debater in her third-year at SFS-Q, expressed her appreciation of the tournament's well-organised structure and relevant and interesting motions.
According to the New York Post, he also called Romney a good debater and gave him credit for 'dispatching Newt Gingrich', who Woodhouse considers a pretty good debater.
Club, Grades 9-12; co-president Grade 12; principal cellist in Musical Pit Orchestra, Grades 7-12; deck hand and sound operator in backstage crew for fall and spring plays, Grades 9-12; Debate Team, debater and judge, Grades 9-12; teacher's assistant at Tatnuck Magnet Elementary School, Grades 6-12.