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These research questions were jointly addressed by computing a 6 (Response Condition) X 3 (Verbal Aggressiveness) MANOVA using debater effectiveness and appropriateness as the dependent variables.
Three of the nation's top high school debaters rate the debate.
Last year the winner of the Peshawar semi-final was among the top four debaters in the entire competition and I am confident that this year once again K-P will give a strong showing.
Dubbed as the 'Olympics of debating,' the event will bring together around 1,400 debaters from 70 nations.
One debater prefaced his speech by declaring: "I am a country cracker" (Few Literary Society Minutes, 1916).
Economics student at UP and a debater, Anara was in Taiwan last Jan.
The Tournament of Champions of World Scholar's Cup, held in New Haven, Connecticut, is a competition for young debaters from around the world.
Shawn Tongson is the 119th ranked debater in the senior division and his team (Tongson, de Leon, Ordenes) is the 49th top debate team out of approximately 366 teams.
Over 600 teams and 1,200 debaters competed for slots on the Finals Day in February.
8220;He comes to us as a former debater, eager to assist our students, and to offer his unique insights.
The personalities of the debaters inevitably affects how audiences perceive the message, possibly giving Salmond the advantage.