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Some of her statements trade verifiable fact for pure speculation, and the film rather weirdly ignores Lennon's early '70s debaucheries (which are covered, by the way, in Scheinfeld's unreleased ``Who Is Harry Nilsson'' documentary).
I have no doubt that the mendacities Bill Clinton dispenses with compelling certitude on the science of global warming, his "mending" of affirmative action, and the employment consequences of the minimum wage will be far more deadly to Americans than any little bug we may pick up from debaucheries in "the Johnson presidency" (my favorite Slate runner-up).
Rome,'' on the other hand, features too many characters that, despite their debaucheries and peccadilloes, don't seem all that removed from any number of interchangeable costume dramas -- even Cleopatra (Lyndsey Marshal) can't tell them apart: ``Those uniforms you all wear, you all look alike,'' she opines.